MON           TUES             WED         THUR          FRI          SAT    

5:00am       5:00am          5:00am       5:00am       5:00am         –              

6:00am       6:00am          6:00am       6:00am       6:00am         –              

8:30am*     8:30am*        8:30am*      8:30am       8:30am*        –              

      –                 –                     –                   –                  –         9:00am      

9:30am       9:30am          9:30am        9:30am      9:30am           –              

4:30pm      4:30pm           4:30pm        4:30pm      4:30pm           –              

5:30pm       5:30pm          5:30pm        5:30pm      5:30pm           –             

6:30pm       6:30pm          6:30pm        6:30pm      6:30pm           – 

7:30pm       7:30pm          7:30pm         7:30pm     Closed   

 Sundays: Closed (Trust me, you’ll need an off day, )

(*) Girl-rillas  our ladies only class.   CrossFit Kids will start again soon.

Other Options

One on One or team training is available by appointment.  While we are available to train off site at a location of your choice we highly recommend you take full advantage of the training options here.

Drop Ins Welcome: $15.00 per session, note: this is different than our free trial workouts.  (Give us a heads up via the contact form if you can please).

More questions? E-mail us using this form.