There is no cookie cutter CrossFit trainer

CrossFit Silverback  boasts  a team of leaders like no other.  We built a team with broad and deep experience in athletic performance and training.  Beyond the years of CrossFit experience each trainer brings individually, we bring a rich and varied knowledge of the daily application of fitness; our real world performance experiences include  Division I College Sports, Emergency Medicine (Para Medic) and decades of Federal Law Enforcement and the U.S. Marine Corps.  That’s all foundation for our passion teaching and developing others, with literally thousands of platform and instruction hours we combine our past experiences with mature and professional instruction to get the most from our athletes in the quickest time possible and create a life long love of fitness.    

Matt Phillips:(age 43) CF: 8 years, Trainer Lv 1: 4 yearsGorilla in Charge (GIC): 3 years      Bought his first weight bench at 13 and never looked back, eventually competing on the Texas A&M Powerlifting Team. Twelve years in the US Marine Corps combined physical conditioning  with leadership and teaching.  CrossFit facilitated his reinstatement to full duty following  a severe injury and four month recovery.  Now the passion is getting people who don’t think of themselves as athletes to realize their full potential and enjoy a better life. Additonal Certifications: CF Football, CF Olympic Lifting, CF Kids, Underground Strenght Lv 1.   The rest of the time: Is that a joke? Favourite Movement: Deadlift and Sled Pulls Least Favorite: Burpees or Wall Ball, you pick  Cheat Food: Nutella

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Val Temple:(age 34)  CF 4 years, Trainer Lv1: 3 years,   Val is  a competitor top to bottom and  a regular at all the local competitions.  A first responder and mother of 3 she lives daily our core beliefs about functional fitness.  In the past she mostly focused on strength with Olympic and power lifting,  she continues to expand her abilities with a focus on gymnastics.   Additional Certifications:  CF Olympic Lifting, CF Gymnastics.   The rest of the time: Paramedic, Favorite Movement:  “Anything heavy”   Least Favorite: “Running” Cheat Food: Mexican.


Dick Douglas (age 42):  CF 5 years, Trainer Lv 1 1 year, He was one of the first athletes in the Silverback nation and brought a long and rich background in physical training design and implementation.  His dedication to fitness began in High School Cross Country and continued as an integral part of his career in local and federal law enforcement.  Moving over to Homeland Security he began designing and implementing training  to maintain maximum physical advantage under the worst possible circumstances.  Always up for a triathlon or  a 50K off road in Big Bend, Dick is a great resource for those interested integrating CrossFit into their endurance sports.   The rest of the time: Law Enforcement Favourite Movement:  Running and Running Least Favourite:  We don’t think this applies to Dick or Chuck Norris  Cheat Food: He won’t tell us.


Zach Stewart (age 27): CF: 3 years, Trainer Lv 1: 5 years   An original plank holder in the Silverback Nation,  Zach  came to us with a background in personal training, a long athletic record in baseball and recently returned from a year  as a  race coordinator for The MetroDash urban obstacle trial.  You can always count on Zach to provide outstanding mobility and movement advice.  Additional Certifications: NSCA-CPFT  The rest of the time: Event Coordinator Favourite Movement: Box Jump & Overhead Squat  Favourite Cheat Food: Brownies


 Garrett LeFevre (age 26): CF: 3 years Trainer Lv1: 1 year One of the original Silverbacks,  Garrett came through the door with a strong training background from his time as a starter for U of H Cougar football.  But Garrett fell off the fitness wagon after graduating, check out his testimonial to see his amazing transformation.  Since achieving his fittest condition, Garret competed  at CrossFit Open Regional team event, as well as a number of other local contests. The rest of the time: Outside Sales Favorite Movement: Dead Lift  or Overhead Squat  Favorite Cheat Food: “They’re all good that’s why I wei

img_3179 DJ Clearey: CF: 2 years Trainer Lv1: 1 year  ,DJ came to us with great strength and a big engine, but being 300lb at under six feet tall did not sit well with him.  After a year of dedicated training not only did DJ drop of 80 lbs but also competed in his first triathlon an still is among the strongest in the gym. DJ has just started to dip his toe into competitive CrossFit and could be a force in the “senior” division one day.  Since achieving his fittest condition, Garret competed  at CrossFit Open Regional team event, as well as a number of other local contests. The rest of the time: Teacher Favorite Movement: Rx anything  Favorite Cheat Food: Shiner

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