This is where all the Silverbacks gather to talk about food and all the various impacts it has on our health, performance and daily life.

We struggled to identify a nutrition solution for the Silverback Nation.  We knew what we wanted our athlete’s to eat.  But we were more concerned with making sure we had a total solution that not only addressed the science, but also appealed to common sense and  would flex with our busy daily life.  When we found “Whole 9”, we knew we had found our nutrition partner.  Remember, we said it was simple, we didn’t say it was easy (at first).

A three egg omelet filled with spinach, radicchio, green onion and venison. salsa and more venison on top, mmmmmm venison. Nothing weighed or measured, welcome to breakfast on the Silverback Nation "DIET".

Silverbacks looking to make an immediate impact in their health, performance and appearance will begin the “Whole 30” program while entering our “AWARENESS CHALLENGE”.  No scales, no calipers or bodyfat measurements.  All of these are metrics that measure by-products.  What we are after is a measure of well-being, of feeling in tune with our bodies, literally we want to “feel” like we have turned back the clock.

1st:  What is it like when you go to bed, what do crossfit workouts feel like, is there something that you feel like you lost before it was time and what changes would you like to see.  (Remember, we are not looking for a body weight, we are looking for how the machine is running.)

2nd: Follow the Whole 30.  Real results require real commitment, but we would’t have it any other way.

Here are a couple links that we feel will definitely be of benefit in the beginning.

Give Your Sugar Tantrums a Time-Out

Just in time for the Super Bowl Week End Motivation

Here is some good “Whole 9” info to expand upon our class materials and lecture.

The Grain Manifesto

The Dairy Manifesto

The Peanut Manifesto

  1. Buckeye76 says:

    The presentation by Matt and Zach outstanding and full of great information. I am looking forward to the challenage and th eresults after 30 days and beyond. The no beer thing still is difficult for me to wrap my head around.

  2. corri says:

    No beer……what…..Casey i know you remember my repeat question about this with the Paleo challenge last year……. Bear and I are looking forward to the challenge….sorry i missed Saturday to ask numerous time….are you sure about the beer….:o)

  3. Jessica Ayala says:

    I’m as shocked as Corri…NO BEER! 😦 I’m ready though to start this challenge! 🙂 Lets do this!!! 😀

  4. Dick D says:

    Has anyone mentioned the NO FREAKIN BEER thing yet. I wasn’t there but SERIOUSLY?

  5. laura says:

    beer is gross….but what about wine???? 😉 just kidding I know NO ADULT BEVERAGES at all :/

  6. Christina says:

    Me, Gary and Kamran are all on board and starting on Wednesday even though we heard conflicting reports on actual start date. I’m scared and excited all at the same time. I’m saying so long to Hershey kisses and peanut butter cups for 30 days and hello to roasted brocolli and grilled salmon. I AM SO POSTPONING VALENTINE’S DAY until this is over. If I can’t have a class of wine and dessert – there is NO point in eating out!

    Look forward to GREAT RESULTS!!!!

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