To create a “Fitness Ministry”; a safe and professional environment that leads others to fully realize their potential through intensive and dedicated physical training.


We Believe:

  1. Health is not a relative term: Our creator gifted us three treasures;  our bodies, minds and souls and to misuse, abuse, or neglect any one of these diminishes them all .
  2. We take responsibility for creating our own expectations and results:  Society engineers all risk and challenge out of our lives and constantly markets a body and lifestyle image that only their latest pill or product can make possible.  There is nothing a person can buy or eat that will replace a wasted life.
  3. Results are directly proportional to focused effort: Coaches and trainers will give every effort to create the opportunities of excellence; the athletes must apply themselves with equal dedication to fully realize their potential.
  4. All leadership is by example: We acknowledge all of our words and deeds impact others. Our actions must to empower or inspire others and never disappoint or discourage.
  5. Listening is the greatest skill: It is impossible to lead someone anywhere unless you understand where they have been and where they want to go.
  6. We are all athletes: no matter what our current physical condition: The human body is designed to run, hunt and fight and make more little hunter warriors.  The training needs of an Olympian and grandparent differ by degree not kind.


I refuse to tiptoe through life, just to arrive safely at death.