CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE VISIT, no matter what your fitness level,  come meet the people who make our community and training special.  Visitors get their own coach to guide them in one or our regular classes. Get a taste of CrossFit in a positive and professional environment, but mostly GET IN AND TRAIN.

“Fun de Mentals” our On-Boarding Classes :  A series of six classes where we establish your baseline strength levels while teaching you the safest and most effective methods for improving your fitness level quickly.  These classes are required for all new Silverbacks to ensure the highest level of instruction and safety for all athletes.   (Coming from another box?  contact us.)

Monthly Unlimited Training

Individual and family rates.  No class assignments or sign ups, train at any of our scheduled classes that best fit’s your schedule! (CHECK OUT THE SCHEDULE HERE!)

“That seems like a lot for a gym?” Our  monthly fee entitles you to attend as many classes as you want (or can), programmed, led and instructed by a trainer who knows and cares about you and your goals.   When was the last time you missed a workout and the gym cared?

“I’m looking to improve in something specific.” We train to improve our GPP (General Purpose Physical fitness).  Baseline improvements in strength coordination and stamina, most often make powerful game changers.  However, Crossfit adapts to meet sports  specific goals in addition to any fitness level or limitation .

It’s our privilege to support Active Duty Military, law enforcement and fire/rescue community. Contact us by phone or e-mail to get our special first responder rates.   Please call  if you are interested in training for your unit or team. Home on leave? You are welcome to train for free.  Bring a unit shirt or coin and we will proudly display it.

Anymore Questions? Yesterday was the easiest day, now GET IN HERE AND GET STARTED!