Our W.O.D

The  Workout Of The Day (WOD): Posted on our main page every day and on the wall when you walk in will be the workout for the day, but that’s not the whole story.

Every 60 min workout is broken into various parts to elicit particular and varying adaptive responses.  Or in other words, right about when you catch your breath we take off again.
Every day will look like this:

Knead the Dough: A mini warm up that will include about 5 min of stretching, joint mobility, balance and agility.

Warm Up: This designed to be a quick metabolic blast never over 5 min, and better than a  double espresso for getting you awake.

Strength/Skill: Here we dedicate ourselves to increasing baseline strength utilizing powerlifting techniques or improving overall power through the highly athletic Olympic lifts or we use the time to train some of the skill progressions in gymnastics.

WOD: An intense blast of metabolic conditioning utilizing dynamic and functional exercises using body weight and external loads.

Cool Down and Stretch: Flexibility is vital to improved athletic performance and injury prevention now and in all your years to come.

What you see on our main page everyday is only a glimpse of what we do.  We scale to the individual athlete.  We  will modify movements, loads and repetitions to get the desired intensity from your workout no matter what your fitness level. Can’t make it in? Email or post a question on that day’s WOD and we will help.