The Training

Deceptively simple;  constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.   We utilize a combination of various disciplines including powerlifting, gymnastics, olympic lifting  with rowing and running to create strong medicine for anyone at any fitness level. (check out the WOD page)

  • Why “constantly varied” ? Your body adapts, we  count on that adaptivity to grow stronger, increase bone density and expand output, but this same ability means the body will quickly grows accustomed to the loads placed on it, diminishing returns.  Do you have a workout routine? Maybe thats the problem.
  • Why “functional“? Exercise is a means to an end, we live in the real world with the need to stand ready for unknown challenges.  We develop strength, speed and stamina through dynamic use of our entire body,  to create the broadest base of fitness possible.  Professional athlete, SWAT officer or stay at home mom; Crossfit most effectively meets your needs of flexibility,strength and endurance  supportive of demands outside the gym.  Ever heard of anyone bench pressing or leg curling their way out of a burning building?
  • Why “high intensity“? Some protocols  focus on VO2 Max and target heartrates, we believe this approach fails to see the forest for the trees.  We measure fitness by the “work” we  generate in a given period of time,  stated in the formula:  Load x Distance / Time = Work.   A workout scaled to the athlete and performed at a  “sprint” to achieve the greatest intensity and adaptive response.  The intense effort level means  our workouts  often run less  than 20min.  Still want to do 45min on the elliptical and then go lift?