The Training: The method is deceptively simple;  constantly varied,  functional movements performed at high intensity.

The Trainers: We believe in potential,  no matter what your current fitness  level  CrossFit Silverback trainers  focus on goals, guidance and technique to equally to get athletes to grow and improve.  We treat all our athletes with dignity, respect and honesty.  Out trainers have years of CrossFit experience among other qualifications and skills, but most importantly they all walked in to try it for the first time too.  We look forward to the privilege to fight the good fight with you.  (click on “The Trainers” to meet us)

The “Box”: We believe in utilitarian and spartan training environment.  No mirrors or neon lights with acres of machines for each body part.  You will use proven tools and methods to forge elite fitness in a clean and safe environment. (click on “The Box” to see where we train)