WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN:  Box Jump/KB Gauntlet  (five at each station) x 2


Push Press 3 sets @ 100% of previous 1RM


Push Press 4×5 @ 80% of 3RM


3 Rounds

10 x Deadlift @ 225, 155

25 x Box Jump (24,20)

Cash Out: 

100 x Double Unders for time

  1. Joe says:

    Some SMOKIN times coming out of the 5AM class. I think DJ was finishing round three before I was done with second round of deadlifts.


    Garrett? Russell?

  2. rwells01 says:

    6:37. Started at 205#’s had to drop back to 185#’s after my finger started throbbing after the first set of 10.

    Garret smoked it, sub 6…

  3. aggie93 says:

    Garrett edged out dj by about 10-15 seconds. Both times were spectacular. Looked like they were lifting bags of dry leaves.

  4. DJ Cleary says:

    Garrett great work. I was 2min faster than last year, thought I would hold the honors today.

  5. aggie93 says:

    quite possibly one of the worse (worst?) attempts at a workout for me in quite some time. Lack of sleep and extremely poor nutrition did not equal a good day for me. I was planning on doing yesterday’s WOD with my own little warm up. i made it through the warm up and Strength (at a reduced load because I just didn’t have anything in the tank), but then I pulled the plug and turned the lights out in the garage as I shuffled back in to the house. Pity party is over and I put on my big girl panties. Time for a few hours of sleep and then back to the salt mines. Hopefully see y’all tomorrow evening.

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