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WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN:  Tabata Bear Complex

STRENGTH: Dead Hang Pull Ups 4 x Near Max


 Use same bar load throughout
25x Sumo deadlift high pull (115#/85#)
Run 400m
25x Power snatch
Run 400m
25x Power clean
Run 400m
25x Deadlifts

Cash Out:



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CLICK HERE TO OFFICIALLY TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE and the COMPETITION TAB remember we will copy the teams on the board at the box. Teams are 4 athletes with any mix of gender and ability level  Even if your new to the SILVERBACK NATION, no sweat, just register here and we will put you on a team.

SIMPLE DOESN’T MEAN EASY a contest update

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SO 7 MIN OF BURPEES IS NOT FUN.  None the less, the effort has been tremendous.  Get your name on the board.  Don’t have a team?  Just get your name on the board and we will put you on one.

Frank even surprised himself with 109 Burpees

WARM UP: Run and Hip Mobility

BUY IN:  KB Gauntlet swing x 3, clean x 2, press x 1


Tire Flip 3×5


4 rounds, 10-20-30-40x reps
KB swings (70#)

Cash Out:

Dead Hang Pull Ups 4 x Near Max

Every workout Cassie is picking up more steam.

Your never to young to push the sled, especially if your Dick's daughter.

Dana and Alice getting the day started right.

Tracey is smiling on the inside, I promise.


WARM UP: And More

BUY IN:  Team Wall Ball for Time


Push Press 4×5 @ 75%


Max rounds in 8 minutes
1x Power snatch (135#/95#)
5x Box jumps (24 inch)

Cash Out:  Buddy Med Ball Sit Ups (2 min)

And now we limbo under the limbo stick.

Judi and Renee decided to play catch Silverback Style with the 20lb ball.


WARM UP: Med Ball Toss

BUY IN:  Box Jump x Push Up Gauntlet

STRENGTH:   Back Squat 4×5 @ 75%


AMRAP 12 minutes
8x Overhead squats (95#/65#)
8x Pull-ups

Cash Out: Tabata Sit Ups


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Don’t even think about taking it easy when there is so much going on.  We will definitely be working hard and having fun with our Saturday in the SILVERBACK NATION, the WOD is always a little different from the rest of the week  but no less challenging and no fewer laughs.

AND DON’T FORGET THE NOT REEBOK SILVERBACK NATIONALS CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN:  Check out our previous post on our in house version of the world wide games and find some like minded (and fun) people to have on your team. On a team or not you can elect to do the WOD #1 on Saturday morning.   Remember, just like the Texas Lottery, you can’t win if your don’t play, but here your odds are way better.

10:30 GET YOUR OLYMPIC LIFT ON WITH BIG GEORGE:  He will be leading an in-depth olympic lifting class.   This will give you a chance for some focused training with a specialist in what can be a highly technical exercise.  George will provide you with some simple adjustments that can make a big impact on your lifts, when it comes to weight here MORE IS BETTER.