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DON’T FORGET, FRIDAY WE ARE BACK IN ACTION AT 8:30 (Adults & Kids workout) and 4:30 (Adults Only). ┬áSATURDAY 9:00 AM as usual.

  1. aggie93 says:

    It’s never an easy thing to watch a flag covered casket being removed from the cargo hold of an airplane, but the day before Thanksgiving was truly sobering. I will say that 99.9 percent of the passengers in the terminal stopped to view and in some small way honor the sacrifice of a soldier that none of us knew. No one spoke. Many shook the hands of the young soldiers (boarding a flight home hopefully) standing at attention near the window and looking on. I was particularly emotional as I thanked each of them, considering my son is making the initial steps to adulthood by graduating from high school, gaining acceptance to A&M and deciding whether or not he wants to join the Marine Corps. May God Bless all of our soldiers past, present and future. We should all include them in our prayers of thanks tomorrow and everyday.

    Thank you Matt and all of our veterans/soldiers. Our country and world are forever grateful for your service and sacrifices.

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