WARM UP: Run and Skip

BUY IN:       Box, Squat & Lunge     5 Jumps each x 3 (box is the same each time)

STRENGTH: MOBILITY:  Shoulder Rotation

WOD: 20 pieces of Angie

20 rounds
5x Pull-ups
5x Push-ups
5x Sit-ups
5x Squats

CASH OUT:  Row 500 m (Sprint)

Micki continues to get better and better.

and hubby Russell is right there with her.






  1. aggie93 says:

    My apologies to the 5 and 6 am crews. The warm up was supposed to be 5 reps of each movement for 3 sets. I shorted your experience and for that I’m sorry. Hopefully it allowed you all to give that much more effort during the WOD.

  2. Well Dick:

    I did manage a 19:44 for the WOD. I think Johnathan crushed it with a 17:57.

  3. lauradowdey says:

    Cassie thanks for being a great coach today 🙂 Val thanks for pushing me…I WILL get better at those dadgummed pull ups 🙂
    my time was slow….last I think…but I’m happy I did it all RXd and with ripped hands 😉 See you guys tomorrow!

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