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Warm Up:
10 x KB Swing “spike”
10 x KB Good Morning (held behind neck)
10 x KB Snatch (5 each hand)
4 x Rounds
5x Deadlift
10 x DB Push Press 
Row x (150m)
Every two min for 10 min

Rest / Transition 2 min

5 x Goblet Squat 
10 x Box Jump 
10 x Burpee
Every two min for 10 min

Even on a holiday, The early class brings the intensity.

The race is on.

Funny how after a WOD you appreciate the little things, like breathing.

8:30 brought the intesity as well.


At one point Tanya said her deadlift was too heavy, then proved herself wrong. Very Silverback.

5 rounds down; 5 to go.



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6:00 am  for all those early birds when they dont’ have to work.

8:30 am normally for the Girl-rillas only, but open to all for one day only.

4:30 pm “Last  WOD of 2010” go out afterword and please come home safe.

SATURDAY JAN 1: OPEN GYM 10:00am to 1:00pm come in and use the rowers to sweat out the cheap champagne, work on your kips or muscle ups.


Don't let the "Holiday Festivities" get the best of you. Despite appearences Dick improved on his "DT"


“Insult and Injury” same as yesterday

Over the past year the we have repeated the Wednesday WOD on Thursday.  This was to ensure that members of the Siilverback Nation got proper rest and we were able to make the same workouts available all.   This is the last Wed Thurs repeat,  thanks to all the great athletes, and your input we are ready to move to 5 different regular WOD’s a week.  This will provide greater variation to our routine and even greater flexibility in schedule for our athletes.  HAPPY NEW YEAR, MORE CHANGES COMING

I don't think I ever worked this hard on my Christmas break, at least this is all, right?


Last rep, last round, right?

Now it's over, the Sisters Welshans made a strong team in the "Cash Out". It always seems sunnier when it's over.

“Insult and Injury”

 15m Flying Burpee 
15m Bear Crawl
Four rounds

Barbell Complex: 6x each
Deadlift +
Bent-over Row (back parallel to floor) +
Hang Clean +
Front Squat +
Push Press +
Back Squat
One set each @ 75#, 95#, 105#, 115# (m Rx)

Rest 5 to 10 min

Tag Team
P1: 4x 20/10 Row (target = 100m)
P2: 5x Ab-Mat Sit up + 5x Push-up for 2 minutes
Switch positions, repeat to complete one round
Do three rounds (12 minutes total)

3rd bar; it's starting to get heavy.

Dan is back on leave and LeeAnne is holding on.

Warm Up:

KB 8
KB Swing (one hand)
KB Halo
KB Snatch
30 seconds each direction or each hand 
WOD: “Filthy Dirty Thirty”
5x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Mountain Climber
“Rest” is in Plank position

5x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Wall Ball
“Rest” is with Ball in Overhead position

5x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Squat
“Rest” is in low squat position

5x (30sec Work/30sec Rest) Burpee

Recover and Stretch 5 – 10 min

Strength:  Deadlift 8×2 75% 1RM

Mountain Climbers; they sucked in sixth-grade and they haven't changed a bit.

Drew and Jonathan get some much deserved "rest".

WOD: 12-27-2010

Posted: December 27, 2010 in WOD-Work Out of the Day

“DT” one of my favorites that always slips my mind until the mainsite throws it back in rotation. 

Compare w/ 7-14 or 7-15

5 Rounds for time:

Deadlift x 12

Hang Clean x 9

Push Jerk x 6

The Girl-rillas were the story of the day with wild improvement across the board. Val blasted out a sub 9:00 effort at 95lbs


CHRISTMAS EVE, A HERO WOD:  Being deployed at Christmas is a unique experience, you are away from freinds and family and while this hurts you understand what your doing is important, celebrating with your brothers in arms it is a unique and special experience you never forget.  This year I promise our warriors abroad will get enough cards, candy and carols; what they can never have enough of is prayers.  Please remember them tonight as we all head off to celebrate Christmas. 

Dec of 04 right after the Battle of Fallujah and just before elections in Ramadi. You could never get Cpl Morrish down, it was a privledge to serve with him and all the Marines I know. (USAA used this image for thier Chirstmas Card a couple of years ago.)

“WHIT” a shortenend version of WHITTEN

KB Swings x 11

Box Jumps x 11

Run x 200

Burpees x 11

Wall Balls x 11


Brad seems excited that the Burpees wouldn't be "extra" today.


Brad's daughter Emily just about 12 hours from her last WOD shows the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.



Gary also finished up last night around 7:30 has decided to jump into the Silverback Nation full time. Congratulations on your decision and a great effort.