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When you have weather like we had today, how can you possbly stay indoors.

For time 5 rounds of:

Team tire flip x 50m

Run x 200m

We're of to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Amy and Mia digging deep.

Tim, Gary and Chris discover why the big tire is called "THE BIG TIRE".


No idea why Cassie is smiling, Jessica sure isn't. Maybe Cassie got the "easy half".


Last flip of the morning for Jacob, Larry and Garret.


 Silverback FITCAMP finished up week one with a challenging Medball/Kettlebell combo.  All the athletes did fantastic.  Keep an eye out for the announcement of our companion kid’s camp.


Remember, the farther you throw the faster you go.



Campers meet the Kettlebell, Kettlebell the campers.

The Burn

Athletes in pairs, A1 squats A2 Rows and switch after first 30. 1 Calorie = -1 second from time.

Back Squats 30, 20, 10

Row (Cal)


Michael finished up his first week in strong fashion, Welcome to the Silverback Nation.


Mia got her first dose of medicine yesterday and did fantastic. Looking forward for more from our newest Girl-rilla.


On his recent trip trail riding in Moab all of David's buddies kept asking him what he did to get in such trail ready shape. (HINT: It wasn't riding a bike)


Normally this is a throw away picture (no weights in the picture). But Dan's expression made the cut "DAN ANGRY, DAN SMASH!!"


WOD: 10-28-2010

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I finally decided on a name “Ugly”. 

” What’s the WOD today?” 

“We’re doing “Ugly””

Its the same as yesterday so everyone can get their mandatory rest and still flex the schedule.  If you feel like you don’t need a day off, your not pushing hard enough.

I like to call this the "What are you doing here Grandad?" look, there was alot of it going around


Trey shows off while jumping on our new NO MISS GIANT 24 inch box.

The Marines are back on leave from California, finally some decent haircuts around here. (and some great performances good to go gents)

Johny is back as well, and day by day getting back to his summertime form. Like Chef said in Apcolypse Now, "Never leave the boat". Welcome back Silverback.


10, 9, 8,…..1 of the following movements:


Box Jumps



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Check out “FITCAMP” tab above to see what Casey is doing with her afternoon’s to introduce a whole new group of people to what real fitness and fun is all about.   A whole new circle of pain to follow online, this is better than soaps.

Day 1: Strength Test (and a great effort from all). Congratulations on getting started.


3 Rounds of the following:

Cleans x 15

Run x 400m

Rest 2 min

Each round times individually.

Kevin and Betsy (sounds like my grandmother's "heavens to Betsy").

A shameless plug, thanks for getting low enough to see the wall Mac.

Sometimes when running a little "inner dialogue" helps. Kevin appears deep in conversation.

Trey still prepping for Marine recruit training and for whatever the Corps throws at him.