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WOD 09-30-2010

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GROUNDHOG DAY – We always repeat the Wed WOD on Thurs to make sure that all of our athletes take a mid-week day off.  Why? Rest is every bit as important as your workout and nutrition.  Without sufficient rest you won’t last at the intesity level needed to succeed.  So enjoy your day off and enjoy how good you feel when you come back, cause it’s only temporary.


WOD: 09-29-2010

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For time:

KB Swings x 20, 18, 16, 14……..2

Atomic Sit Ups x 2,4,6,8………20


Moving fast, swinging hard. Welcome to 5am in the Silverback Nation.

Ryan quickly adapting to the intensity level.

“Fight Gone Tabata”

8 rounds of 20 sec work / 10 sec rest of the following movements:

Wall Ball


Box Jump

Push Press

Row (calories)

Only the lowest scoring round at each station counts.

Zach just making sure that the starbord gun looks good during SDHP.

The "Push Press Crew"...well for 4 minutes anyway.

If we could just get Mac a little more intense.

“Three round burst”

Three rounds for individual time of:

Thrusters x 15

Run 200m

Rest 1 min

“Bonus Exercise”

Everyone found the warm-up "invigorating"

Trey (in grey) picked a heck of a WOD to introduce "little" brother Corbin.

WOD: 09-24-2010

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Row – 5K relay

WOD: 09-23-2010

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Your Mid Week Off Day– All the athletes training here take either Wednesday or Thursday off so that we can maintain intensity and healthy recovery.  We also stay on the same page of the playbook by repeating Wednesday’s workout on Thursday to allow everyone maximum flexibility with their schedule.


We added a 6:00am and a 9:30 am MWF

NEW!!!!  Zach’s 4:30pm will expand to Tuesday’s for 4 days a week.

WOD: 09-22-2010

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“Bear on a ladder”

For time 10,8,6,4,2 of the following

Bear Barbell Complex


Definitely not round one.


Betsy keeping up step for step with Cassie. Or maybe it's the other way around.