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Did you give it your all?  Did you challange yourself ? Did you put the weight down before time ran out?  Did you jog when you could run?  Did you expect regular effort to yeild exceptional results?  Did you listen to that voice that says “good enough” or the one that walked you through the door in the first place?  

 “Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners” William Shakespeare


Partner Squats

Athletes paired up by ability level on back squat.

3 Rounds of :

A1 Does 1 max set unbroken

A2 Rests



Deadlift (2 min)

Atomic Sit Ups (1 min)

Rest (1:30)

2 Rounds

Rest (3:00) the 1:30 of the previous round is included.


KB Swings (2 min)

Burpees (1 min)

Rest (1:30)

2 Rounds

Record reps after each round.

Marianne moving with speed and intensity at 5am, it ain't easy.

Gary at least looks hopeful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We have to finish painting the Wall Ball Wall as it looks like we workout in an asylum, wait a minute, nevermind.

While coaching the workout I noticed little Meryl stroll out the door with a KB under her arm, when I looked out the door this is what I saw.


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We know a big chunk of the Silverback Nation has been jumping through hoops with the start of the school.  With lots of input from y’all we think these adjustments will help make those hoops wider and lower.

9:30 am MWF – An all new adults class

Lil’ Apes – Our sucessful kids program will move to 4:30pm

Zach’s 4:00 now at 4:30


17 Brave souls showed up to SHOOT and SCOOT (full)

Divide athletes into pairs equally scaled

3 Rounds for time of the following:

A1 Rows for Calories

A2 Bear Crawl 10m – KB Swing  (Light) x30- Lunge 10m

Bear Crawl 10m – KB Swing (Med) x 25 – Lunge 10m

Bear Crawl 10m -KB Swing (Heavy) x 20 – Lunge 10m

Athletes Switch Positions

Round 2 – KB Swings – 20, 15, 10

Round 3 – KB Swings – 15, 10, 5

Total Calories divided by 2 and subtract from time.

Why are Garrett and Zach in such a hurry, probably because of that 80lb KB on the end of that Bear Crawl. VERY SILVERBACK GENTLEMEN.

One word to describe the rower "merciless", so be relentless.

One half of the equation.

The other half. (Apparently Brad and Bear needed a KB huddle.)


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NO FUNdeMENTALS THIS SATURDAY:  We will be offering the next and new FUN de MENTALS I on Saturday SEPT 4th, follwed by FUNdeMENTALS II on Wed SEPT 8th- 5:30 to 7:00pm.  Remember, priority goes to new joins make sure you let anyone of the trainers know you plan to attend.

Supporting the local causes the Bearkat Bash is coming up fast on Saturday SEPT 11th.  We will still have a Saturday 9:00am WOD, after all 5k run is a warm up to a Silverback. 

We purchased 10 slots for the MetroDash on Saturday SEPT 18th, a combination of interval workouts and obstacles over a 3 to 5 mile distance. I am taking the first slot, and already have volunteers for some more.  Please make sure that your calender is lined out before you volunteer.  E-mail me via the “CONTACT” page.

There is more getting ready to hit the calender very soon so keep your ears peeled, things move fast in the Silverback Nation.