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Here is what happened

JONESWORTHY: Yes we did it again, it was a whole new set of faces at this Saturdays workout and this is one of the great workouts.  (There were two familiar faces, both chose this over the alternative).

Squats x 80, 64, 48, 32, 24, 12

KB Swing: 40, 32, 24, 16, 12, 6

Pull-up: 20, 16, 12, 8, 6, 3

First round look like: 80x Squats + 40x KBS + 20x Pull-up
Second round looks like: 64x Squats + 32x KBS + 16x Pull-up

The Silverbacks got into the groove early.

Results are in direct proportion to effort. Way to lead Silverback!

Corrie and Valerie decided perhaps tag team was the best way to attack the bar.

Anthony the "quiet professional" this guy is ALL WORK, if he didn't yell "TIME" you would almost forget he was there.

The "Winners' Circle" or "Peanut Gallery" depending on who you ask.

You can see at least three distinct emotions on Steve's face, I don't see hope among them.


“Crazy 8’s”

AMRAP in 5 min of:

Deadlift x 8

Burpee x 8

3 rounds 1 min rest between rounds

5am and Corrie leading strong.

Can you imagine if your Grandparents did this everyday at 5 am. VERY Silverback Jim and Lynn.

Laura and Casey's respective 5-4-4 results totals out to 104 Deadlift and 104 Burpees each (not including unfinished rounds). WOW, the bar is set for later classes

Just wanted to make sure everyone had a heads up!

FUN de MENTALS I  7:00 am SaturdayThis is the first of two introductory classes for our new athletes, (more experienced members are welcome as well).  Here we will explain the Crossfit Methodology in depth, establish sound techniques and baseline strength measures.  Then hang around a few minutes and hit the Saturday WOD.

Saturday FREE Workout: 9:00am If you have been wondering what that guy or gal at church or the office can’t shut up about.  Or maybe you have been watching us on the internet, this is the best opportunity to come out and meet the Silverback Nation and see if it’s for you.

Volunteers Needed: Still working toward a big relaunch.  Are you handy with a screwdriver or paintbrush?  Most of the heavy lifting is over, now its the fun stuff, stay after the WOD and we will put on the Pat Green and  cold drinks while we get some work done.

Same as yesterday, why?: Since my 4 year olds are in the “why?” phase let me answer this way.  So that you can get a day off, so you can get adequate rest, so you can get stronger, so you can work out harder next time, so you can earn the next day you take off.


Now that's fast!

Bear Attack

Hang Clean x max reps 1 min

Burpees x max reps 2 min

Rest 2 min

Front Squat x max reps 1 min

Row x 500m

Rest 2 min

Push Press x max reps 1 min

Run x 400m

The Girl-rillas prepare to launch their attack.

The Lil' Apes were already on the move.

The Girl-rillas pulling hard.

How short can 2 minutes "rest" feel?

Things aren't much better on the Lil' Apes side.

The afternoon classes bringing it down the backstretch.

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!": Betsy and Linda sprint to the finish.

What have Gary and Christina been doing instead of the WOD?

Christina at 14,265ft, and you thought our "mountain climbers" were tough.

Gary had a little something left in the tank, so he grabbed some mountain burpees.

Great job guys, we miss you so hurry home.

Junk Yard Dog

Deadlift x 15

Atomic Sit Ups x 20

Run 400m

Jim showing some speed on the hip drive in his Jerk.

Chris with a new heavier deadlift weight was still the "rabbit".

Moving as fast as he could Drew could not catch the "rabbit". Still a Silverback effort at 225lb!