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As much as I dislike “chippers” we have  sprinted quite a bit lately, time to shock the system with a solid 3 mile run.  I compare this to runs becuase the first time I did this with my Marines some of the times were catastrophic (remember I had not learned about scaling yet).  Trying to put some fire back into my fire breathers I told them “If you can do this  imagine how easy a 20 min 3 miles will be on the PFT (Physical Fitness Test).  Next PFT every Marine was sub 21 min.

“Dirty Thirty”

For time 30 of each of the following:

Pull Ups

Box Jumps

KB Swing


Sit Ups

Wall Ball

Push Press

Knees 2 Elbows

Walking Lunges

Double Unders

Amy and Ben making quick work of the box jumps

While visiting on leave Dan hit a triple on heavy thrusters and a sub 15 Dirty Thirty, not bad Army. (Oh that hurt to say!)


I almost made it fit.

Cleans x 15

Run 400m

2 min rest

3 Rounds for time on each individual round.

“WIND SPRINTS” Nothing fancy or heavy, so why does it hurt so much?

Row x 500

Sit Ups x 25

Push Ups x 15

Pull Ups x 10

Rest 2 min

Three rounds, record your time for each.

To the generous, busy and hardworking people in these photos and the rest who make up the Silverback Nation… there is no ” thank you”  sufficient to describe my gratitude and amazement.

Getting a head start on Friday Night

Just like Jerry Reed sang "We gotta long way to go and short time to get there."

OOOOHHH YEEAAAAH! That's more like it.

Just because there are more exits is no reason to believe you can escape.

9:00 AM-The Silverbacks gather from all the classes to pit themselves against the Saturday WOD, always competitive and fun.  A great opportunity to come by for the first time and meet the people and the programming that make this place nothing short of addictive.

Heres what happened:

Box Jumps 12in, 16in, 20in, 30in x 25

KB Swings S, M, L, XL x 20

Push ups x 15

It looks like this, swing the small KB hit the 12in box then 15pu and move to the next KB in line.

If the box is too tall for your current level do step ups.

After the Workout:  Tim will put on his construction hat and put any willing athletes to work.  If you think you can bring tools or supplies great.  Just let Tim know under the latest post about the construction.  We are going to try to feed and water the troops as best as possible so your RSVP is as appreciated as your service to the Silverback Nation.

“Girl-rilla” the little black dress challenge workout

Deadlift x 21

Run x 400m

2 rounds

rest 3 min

Wall Ball x 30

Row x 500

2 rounds

We teach technique, we enforce consistency, the athlete must bring the intensity. Nice work Silverback

Thursday's Nicole left an impression on Friday's WOD

Expansion update

Need your help!

Attention Silverbacks, we will be having ‘workdays’ on June26 and July3 to help prepare our new 2000SqFt area. We have lots of tasks that need to be accomplished (cleaning, painting, light construction, etc) and need your help to create our new home. If you have some spare time either of these Saturdays please stick around after the WOD (~10AM) and lend a helping hand. Lunch will be provided.

Tentative schedule:

June 26 – Clean, build, prep the new area.

July3 – Move remaining equipment to new area.

July5 – Inaugural WOD in new area!

July10 – Private (families/friends) ‘Grand-Opening’ party/cookout/social. Evening maybe??

Mid-Aug- Public ‘Grand-Expansion/Grand-Opening’ event.

Found the rodents chewing up the walls at night, luckily they are just as adept at putting up sheet rock.

Keep in mind both these guys completed the WOD the same evening, Dick only 30 min prior.

Never go into battle without a plan, especially one drawn to scale by the resident engineer to include an hand-drawn "potty" in the bathroom.