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“Murph”:  Why  Murph is “the Hero WOD”? Because it takes the most common of elements and forces most athletes way out of their comfort zone.  This is not a test of muscular endurance or VO2 max, this is a test of guts, perseverance and belief that finishing sometimes is winning, when it takes everything you have to get there.  I saw a lot of winning this morning, scaling was to a minimum, who wants to climb a shorter mountain anyway.  Awesome effort Silverbacks I look forward to more.

Run 1 mile

Pull Ups x 100

Push Ups x 200

Squats x 300

Run 1 mile

Two lessons today for Christina: You can push way beyond perceived limits and don't wear all black in the Houston heat. Way to go Silverback!

100 Kipping Pull Ups: What else can you say, GREAT JOB!



8:00 AM we will conduct one of the CrossFit Hero Workouts

FUN de MENTALS class Sat 29th 7:00 am to 8:30am : Primarily for our new members but open to all Silverbacks.  We will be providing detailed instruction in heavy lifting, establishing personal base line standards and a detailed instruction in the principals of CrossFit Methodology.  Speak to any of the instructors or use the comments section to RSVP

Just FUN at our 9:00 am workout: OPEN TO ANY AND ALL, Cross the border into the Silverback Nation.

Heres What Happened:

Teams of 4 working  at 4 stations

Row 500m

Deadlift 21-15-09

Lateral Burpees 21-15-9


Team moves too the next station when slowest member completes task

This turned into a Gorillympics the team work  and effort were amazing:

The "Black Team" pulled a powerful first place finish less than a minute ahead of second.

Quality couples time for Jim and Lynn

The Girl-rillas team in the thick of the fight.

Yep, that did the trick.

“Silverback Max”  Alright a couple of days away from the barbells, not that Burpees are any vacation, it’s time to see what we are capable of.  Two minutes on each lift to squeeze out every rep you can.

Deadlift 2 min

Squat 2 min

Push Press 2 min

2 min rest between rounds

Casey leading by example

2 minutes.....never seemed so long and yet goes so fast. Great effort this morning

Gary put everything he had into his two minutes

When he started a few months ago Steve's air squat didn't look this good, nor did his intensity. WAY TO UP YOUR GAME SILVERBACK.

“Those Burpees Still Suck”:  We always repeat the Wednesday WOD on Thursday to ensure that all of our athlete treat their rest as seriously as they treat their workouts.  This way everyone takes a mid week break with some flexibility built in for everyones busy schedule.  And when you return from this off-day you better move like your on fire.  Only extraordinary effort yeilds extraordinary results.

“Those Burpees Suck”

Pull Ups x 10

KB swings x 20

Box Jumps x 30

Push Ups x 40

Sit Ups x 50

Burpees x 60

Pull Ups x 10