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(?…. named but lost to the spreadsheet)  I have a feeling Brad or Tim will come thru for me.

We moved alot of heavy weights this week in some very intense workouts (thrusters, back squats, turkish get-ups, just to name a few heavy movements this week)  So let’s pin our ears back and drop the hammer with a drag race style sprint.

As a team of 3  each member completes 7 rounds of the following relay style:

7 Box Jumps

7 Push Ups

7 Wall Balls

With 5 teams this morning, the joint was rocking.  Way to go Silverbacks, ending the work week with a bang.

Based on a workout by Matt M. at CrossFit Champions


What an interesting couple of days (mostly a result of the GIC, Gorrilla In Charge, living on large quantities of cold medicine and self pity).  If the workout is not exactly what your coach had you do that is my fault (meds and self pity do not make for strong communication), if you found your workout unsatisfactory please ruturn it for a new one, what? no takers.   An enormous thank you to Tim and Casey for filling in the gaps and giving me the chance to recover, now everybody back to work.

For time:

Row 500m x 1

immediately followed by 3 rounds

Back Squats x 10

Pull Ups x 10

Why the blurry action pic of Lee Anne? CHECK OUT THE NEXT ONE!

"By Jove, I think she's got it", way to go.

Merideth still chewing on her first bites of CrossFit, welcome to the Silverback Nation Merideth.

Thrusters x 15

Run 400m

Rest 2 min

Each round for individual time.

Chris getting "Thrustered" in his third CrossFit workout.

Mellisa brought younger brother Chris by the box and has joined the Silverback Nation as well....welcome aboard guys


20 seconds work 10 sec rest for 8 intervals of each of the following:


Box Jumps

Sit Ups

KB swings

Score total repetitions or your single lowest round for each movement, whichever motivates you to move faster.

“Hair of the Dog” 

Time to get over that chipper and get back to some foundational power and explosiveness.

For time 21-15-9 of:


Box Jump

Pull Ups

Same As Yesterday, WHY?:  If your body isn’t telling you to take a day off after 2 or 3 workouts, you need to up your intensity.  Here we expect that level of intensity and build in an off day to accommodate rest without missing a workout.

“Dirty Thirty”  Most of you know I am not a fan of “chippers”, but the test of will is undeniable, the opportunities to hide and skate are equal to those to excel.  Every athlete has to decide it they treat this as a grocery list of movements to be checked off in a methodical manner or attack the whole, aggressively breaking off pieces and destroying them with intensity before moving on to the next opportunity for victory.

30 of each for time:

Pull Ups

Box  Jumps

KB Swings



Wall Ball

Push Press


Walking Lunges

Double Unders

Lee Anne and Lynn throw down as some of the "Girl-rillas" from 9:30 am womens' class invaded the 5:00 am.

If you Catholic, this is called prayers for intercession, if you CrossFit it's called "middle of the workout".