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WOD 03-31-2010

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“Bloody Bear” (say it with a brittish accent, its funnier) 

Three rounds timed individually:

Row 500

Bear Complex x 10

Rest 2:00 min

How big do you need to be to be nick-named "Bear", check him out behind Zach....those are full size bumper plates;)


WOD: 03-30-2010

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Thunder & Lightning (If you saw “The Rundown” you get the joke)

Teams of two, alternate sets between athletes

A1:  Sumo Deadlift Highpull x 10,9…….1 (Heavy)

A2: Atomic – Sit Ups (max number during partner’s SDHP)

Score team time and individual total sit-ups

WOD: 03-29-2010

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“Don’t be the Slow-poke”

Team of event with 21-15-9 of:

Push Press

KB Swing

Box Jump

Ab-Mat Sit Ups

Each team member starts at a different station, starting at the same time athletes will not change stations until all members of the team complete their reps.  Once each member has hit all 4 stations is one round.


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Upright fathers inspire strength and character, strong mothers inspire future champions.

Have you set the example?

WOD: 03-28-2010

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WOD: 03-27-2010 “GAME ON”

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“Scary Sevens”  (Heavy)

Row 7 calories

Back Squat x 7

Deadlift x 7

Athletes are divided into teams of four.  This is performed as a relay with only one athlete is working at a time.  As soon as A1 puts down the 7th deadlift A2 starts rowing etc…etc…etc.   AND THE WINNER IS………….

Yes, the ladies' team stood atop the "gold medal stand" at the end of the day.

Team Captain Casey rowing into the lead while sporting her team colors.

Lynn teamed with Tim for the 100m tire sprint to "Warm-Up".

Nearly 2,000 pictures taken and Leslie is the first to ever smile at the camera during a WOD. She will be the last.

WOD: 03-26-2010

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Here is one worth ending a tough week on.  So I dub thee (for record keeping purposes)……


Hang Power Cleans x 10

Row 2min (for meters)

Rest 2 min

3 rounds

Rest 5 min (includes the 2 min on the last round above)

Push Press x 10

Burpees 2 min

Rest 2 min

3 Rounds

Record your Burpees and meters each round

This will put you in a physically and mentally “bad place” if you do not quickly focus on the goal at hand and not the rounds to come.  Max effort, we have no gears just stopped and go, go, go fueled by burning desire and a willingness to suffer.

Thanks to MFT at Gym Jones