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WOD: 02-27-2010

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Saturday: Always a little different, always fun and everyone is welcome come try one out.

Here’s what happened.

Warm up- “Battle of the Sexes” 50m relay race with tire sleds (3 pulls per team member).

WOD: “Screaming Sevens” relay

Athletes in teams of two

7 push ups

7 box jumps

7 wall balls

7 rounds each athlete.

A1 rests while A2 performs movements and we don’t give out participation ribbons, fight to win or don’t bother.


Only his second workout and Steve tackles the sled like a veteran, welcome to the Silverback Nation

Leslie showed up for her first dose of Saturday WOD medicine too.

It was a strong dose. Welcome to the Silverback Nation Leslie

New and experienced athletes alike put in great effort and we had alot of fun. Thank you Silverbacks!


WOD: 02-26-2010

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Jackie’s ugly sister


Row 1000 m

Box Jumps 40

Thrusters 30

Pull Ups 20


0500 Silverbacks at full throttle!

As Linda gets stronger, Tim contemplates how much less he can get away with at home.

WOD: 02-25-2010

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The same as yesterday:  We want to see the maximum intensity out of our athletes every workout, this is hard to sustain physically and mentally.  We recommend 2-3 days of pushing to the limits and a day off.  Our Wed/Thurs off day provides our athletes with flexibility in their schedule but discourages overwork and improves overall results, and that what we are all about.

WOD: 02-24-2010

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Tabata Something: Each movement performed for 8 rounds of 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest with 1 min rest between movements. 

Ring Dips

Ab Mat Sit Ups

Push Ups


Score either by total repetitions performed or the lowest number on any one movement in a single round, whichever motivates you more.

WOD: 02-23-2010

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If you ain’t moving weights you better be moving fast!

Jump Rope 2 min

Burpees x 40 for time

1 min rest (begins when last athlete finishes).

Jump Rope 2 min

Mountain Climbers (4 count) x 20 for time

1 min rest

Jump Rope 2 min

Push Ups x 40 for time

The athlete should finish each event with a separate time.

WOD: 2-22-2010

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For Time:

Row 20 cal

Back Squat x 20

Ab-Mat Sit Up x 20

Wall Ball x 20

3 rounds

Designed for teams of 3 or 4, rest period is the wait for the rower.

(Frankly, this one just did not come together as envisioned, while everyone’s individual effort was outstanding the intensity of the team component never came together, not because of the athletes but because of my design.  I owe you one Silverbacks).

Scaling means, every one suffers equally.

WOD: 02-21-2010

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Rest and enjoy the fruits your labors (because there will be more).