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WOD: 01-31-2010

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WOD 1-30-2010

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Fight Gone Bad

Wall Ball (max reps in 1 min)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (max reps in 1 min)

Box Jump (max reps in 1 min)

Push Press (max reps in 1min)

Row (1 min for calories)

3 Rounds total (1 min rest between rounds, no rest between movements).

Add total # of repetitions for score.

In the Silverback Nation, athletes encourage other athletes efforts (vigorously), does that ever happen where you work out.

Saturday was a small crew with big heart: AWESOME effort Silverbacks!

WOD: 01-29-2009

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For time:

Jump Rope: 200, 150, 100

Push Ups:    30,20,10

Squats:  80, 60, 40

WOD: 01-28-2010

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And the song remains the same.

Wednesday and Thursday WOD are the same as a way to encourage our athletes to take at least one off day other than Sunday.  If the typical athlete were to insist that 5 or 6 days straight was the right answer I would first ask them to show me where those results are proven, (not only performance improvement, but  also no increased risk of injury) and then ask, have they really taken their three consecutive workouts to the limit.  My guess is they left a little something in the tank.  Everything we do is for a reason, including our rest.

WOD: 01-27-2010

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Buddy Rush

 In the final 300 yards of an attack Marines will split into pairs to rush the enemy.  As one is up and moving to the next peice of cover their “buddy” puts accurate fire down range to keep the enemy down and off balance switching back and forth before either becomes a target.  If either one doesn’t pull their weight then the other is left exposed.   Try to imagine those feelings, imagine that level of loyalty in performance and then hit this workout like you are in the final 300 yards.

For time:

P1: Row 500m

P2: Thrusters

P1: Row 500m

P2: Abmat Sit Ups

P1: Row 500m

P2:  KB Swing

Each round each member rows and then trades with partner for the attached movement.  Score teams total time and each athletes reps per movement.

Lynn and Christina win the Gung Ho award, while Lynn turned a corner on intensity and left behind her old Globo-Gym ways, CONGRATULATIONS!


WOD: 01-26-2010

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Push Press

Hang Power Clean

8 intervals of 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest per lift.

Record total # reps per movement

WOD: 01-25-2010

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Front Squat x 12

Burpees 2 min

Rest 2 min

Total of 3 rounds:  Score by # of burpees per round

Brad found something he didn't need his ankle for, very Silverback!

With much improved form Jim realized today that his previous 1 rep max is definitely history.